2017 Saving Lives with Poetry Contest

The new 3rd annual 2017 Saving Lives with Poetry Contest is now accepting entries!!!
We are happy to announce that the cash payout for this year is $200.00!!! Whooohooo!
The winner will also win an awesome stellar trophy along with a custom-engraved gold medal! So, don't miss out! If you're a poet that loves to write meaningful poetry, this contest is for you!

The theme of this Saving Lives with Poetry Contest is : Humanity, Health, & Societal Awareness.

There are no limits on how many poems you can submit.

The more poems you submit, the better your chances to win.
Entries are ONLY accepted through the Realistic Poetry website.

Do not send poems for contests through email.
Share this awesome poetry event with all of your friends and family on social media.

It's always a good thing to spread the word!
Poems can be any style, length, or genre that is appropriate for the theme.
Poems can be written in any language.
Poems can be previously published.
We will not publish your work nor require any rights to your work.
We will not republish or reprint your work, with the exception of www.realisticpoetry.com and social media (for promotional purposes only).


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