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A Very Special Thanks

Thank you, Sheila, for taking the time to express your gratitude, as we also impart ours.

We wish nothing but the best for you, always.

With much gratitude,

Realistic Poetry International

In Honor and Memory of Miriam Kam Weisbrod

(November 9,1919 - May 6, 2017)

The Realistic Poetry Book Review Team is overjoyed to share this special video we recently received from a very special woman! Sheila Weisbrod.

Sheila Weisbrod, daughter-in-law of Miriam Kam Weisbrod, Author of Poetry from the Heart and Rainbow Poetry for Children (November 9,1919 - May 6, 2017), gives a special thanks to the book reviewers of Miriam’s two published books in this wonderful heartfelt video!

The compassionate role Sheila has contributed in making all of this happen (for both us and Miriam!) certainly can’t go unrecognized. Without her, we’re not too sure if we would have had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in taking part in one of the most memorable book experiences we've ever had! 
Words cannot fully express how great of an honor it is to have had the opportunity to bring any joy or happiness to Miriam’s final days here on earth, awarding her with two beautiful 5-star Review Certificates and two Gold-Star Book Review trophies in respect of her remarkable published works and undeniable talent! One thing is for sure, her words will live on forever!

The happiness and compassion vibrant in Kam’s words and personality seem to harness an unfathomable aura of glee, positivity, compassion, humor, sincerity, and love, leaving a rather powerful impact on our entire team. And just like her two good books, Miriam is a continuous good spirit that we will always cherish and treasure.
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Do you love reading?

 ​Get Paid to Write Reviews! 
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The Realistic Poetry International Honest Book Review Team would like to take a moment to give special thanks to an extremely talented and gifted woman, poet, and author; Author Miriam Kam Weisbrod.
Our readers and reviewers have had the marvelous pleasure of reading two of Miriam’s books, literary masterworks, both well-deserving of 5-star ratings.

With that being said, we would like to express our earnest respect for her published works, recognizing both books, ‘Poetry from my Heart’ and ‘Rainbow Poetry for Children’.

Quality, imagination, and expertise are only a few characteristics that make this natural writer exceptionally influential, providing a memorable reading experience for us, poetry enthusiasts.
Therefore, with much delight and gladness, we present her with two 5-star review certificates in honor of her works, and also two Gold-Star trophies to accompany her awards.

The Realistic Poetry Honest Review Team appreciates the passion, dedication, and vibrant energy exerted into her words and also the poetry community.

Congratulations, Miriam! And may your words continue to live on, forever, through the heartbeat of poetry.
“We're pleased to rate this book with 5 stars and are happy to say that it is an excellent choice for families, classrooms… and just for you!”
- Realistic Poetry International
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Mary Kennedy Eastham, a 5-star Review Author!

Celebrating Great Authors

Word Actress, Mary Kennedy Eastham, shares a wonderful photo of the 5-star review certificate in honor of the two breathtaking books read and reviewed by Realistic Poetry associates. We are filled with delight seeing this award in the presence of the one in which it is well deserved!
You can read Mary's impactful 'Squinting Over Water' and 'The Shadow of a Dog I Can Never Forget’ by clicking on either link. 
You can also learn more about Mary, her books and writing by visiting her Website:

Also, read the incredible article in honor of her award-winning story: DESTINY OF JOY by Mary Eastham in the Novel Writing Festival!
Congratulations, Mary, on all of your writing successes!
You are an inspiration and positive influence in the creative world of writing, and it's  a pleasure to now have two of your books a part of the Realistic Poetry Book Collection!


"Mary makes you smile
through the light felt in her words. And Her stories are just as authenticate as she! "

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Reviews will be written by a Realistic Poetry associate and we guarantee professional service!​

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