About the Authors/poets
Zephaniah Johnson, 10 yrs

Zephaniah Destiny Johnson, author of ABC Poetry, is a young writer that enjoys using her imagination.
Her intelligence and creativity is reflected in her art, short stories, and whimsical poetry, and she has her heart and mind set on doing whatever she desires. Zephaniah’s talent is not limited to writing and art; the young brilliant mind also enjoys spending her time singing, dancing, designing clothes and fashion for her dolls.

"Dear Readers, I hope you like my brother’s and I first book. This is the first book we have ever written and we worked on it together. I am very happy and proud because there are a lot of good things in it. It is a good book for little kids and has some really cool rhymes that you will like. My brother and I worked really hard on it so I hope you learn some new things and enjoy!" - Zephaniah Johnson

Delano L. L. Johnson, 8 yrs
Delano L. L. Johnson, a young outstanding poet has a heart and passion for family, God, and humanity. When he is not reciting poetry or writing, he is always exploring and looking to learn more about the world we live in. Though he is young, his mind is full of wisdom and knowledge and he believes that he can make a really big impact on the world with his words. Delano aspires to eventually help Realistic Poetry International spread across all of the nations in the world.

"This is the one and only book I have ever made. I am so happy that I helped make this book and I really do like it! I hope you like it too and thank you for reading!" - Delano L. L. Johnson
A B C Poetry
A B C Poetry is a fun and informative poetry book of rhymes specially made for children and by children. Zephaniah and Delano Johnson, brother and sister, constructed some awesome rhymes and sentences using their own unique voices and creativity. This book is great for kids who are learning to read, learning their ABC’s, is good for increasing vocabulary, learning about new things, in addition to exploring different subjects. A B C Poetry is great for children who love poetry, words, and rhymes! So, have some alphabet fun with great words and fun rhymes!