Why is this book important? 



This book celebrates the art, beauty, and power of poetry, and also recognizes the importance of humanity. Readers can enjoy poetry written in various styles, forms, and languages! And be motivated by a book that promotes unity and individuality, simulataneously, while allowing readers to explore other poets thoughts and poetry.  
The Why Poetry Matters Book Anthology includes a wide variety of poems written by poets from all around the world! Real poets are bold, creative and honest, sharing their their unique and individual perspectives of why poetry matters. 

Why Poetry Matters to Us

Expression. Poetry is a non-discriminating, creative and open artistic public platform.

Communication. People from all over the world easily convey messages and relay things important to them.

Connect. Poets, readers, and others can interact, build, and grow.

Creativity. Poetry can be like art to a poet. There are unlimited boundaries to create and influence with one’s own unique resource of imagination.
With billions of people in the world scattered about our richly diverse planet earth, there are surely plenty of differences to go around; even so, through those dissimilarities, we, the people, find common ground through the weaving of words, colliding into one world, for the same identical reason; Poetry.

Realistic Poetry International presents the Why Poetry Matters Book Anthology, calling all poets from across the globe! From America, to India, this exclusive, poignant tribute, features poets from a variety of countries, who collaborate to share their personal views on why poetry matters, what it means to them, and what it means to the world.

This book is empowering to any poet or person, providing real-life verbal examples of how and why poetry plays a significant role in our everyday lives, with no boundaries or limits! It includes over 50 poets, men and women, of all ages and ethnicities; meaningful, timeless, and original poetry quotes, plus, a brief snapshot of each poet featured in the book.

So, whether you see poetry in the beautiful morning sunrise, as an irresistible bliss of nature, or find her in the dark shadows of life’s mysterious adversities and challenges, poetry matters. If you don’t believe so, the poems inside this book are proof.
This versatile and universal book is a great read for anyone! Its positive, informative, and artistic merit presents poetry in a prestigious and prolifc manner, and gives the ageless art of poetry the due credit so deserved! 

Order your copy today and travel around the globe to read poets reasons as to why poetry matters!  
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