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  1. 11
    What is life without poetry?
    Victoria Vidrine
  2. 12
    Thank you for an opportunity to share my muse with you. I love this site and appreciate the opportunity you supply.
    Krista S Clark
  3. 13
    THANKS for a sound intellectual contest for all poetry lovers
  4. 16
    Love this page. Spine to poetry lovers! Thank you. Best wishes
    Mahesh Pethakamsetty
  5. 15
    This is a great platform for poets, writers and readers alike. It is a platform worth spending time on because it makes your time worth the while.
    Noel O. Louis
  6. 17
    I love and enjoy reading all posts written on your page because they inspire , motivate and let me feel that I am touching the stars !
    Maysa'a Adnan ALBdewi
  7. 18
    I love the contests that you present and I do like to read your posts
    Maysa'a Adnan
  8. 19
    Impressive platform!
    Adewuyi Esther
  9. 3
    You guys are helping poetry come back in an entirely new format.
  10. 20
    I appreciate your dedication to poetry AND visionary thinking! Very smart to have people post before entering!
    Veronica Coyne
  11. 14
    Very glad that I found realisticpoetry.com
    Radha M. Bandaratilaka
  12. 21
    Looking forward to share my art with other poets and readers.
    Donna Soul.Lyrikal Robinson
  13. 22
    I'm looking for a place where my poetry can be shared. I write from personal experiences and also for people who are survivors from some of life's most horrible circumstances. My prayer is that my poetry will help someone.
    Joye Atkinson
  14. 23
    I am an India based poet and composing poems from my high school days onwards. I have finished my B.A. and M.A. in the English Literature. I am composing poems both in English language and also in my mother tongue of Tamil. I am a born poet.Poets are born and not made.
    Poet MU.Solomon
  15. 24
    Thank you for the opportunity to submit up to 3 poems relating to poetry, it's affect on us, how we relate to it and to others through it.
    Debra Hammock Hooks
  16. 25
    Can't wait to learn more!
    Laura McCue
  17. 26
    Looks promising.
    David Hall
  18. 27
    Thank you for the opportunity to share.
    Garrett Flagg
  19. 28
    I look forward to learning whether my work has been accepted for your anthologies.
    Allen Frank McNair
  20. 29
    I'll love to work for realistic poetry.
    Michael Uchebuaku
  21. 30
    I feel graceful ti have got opportunity to evpress my thoughts by realistic poetry platform.
    Shivaji Pandhare
  22. 1
    You seem to be the platform every serious Poet should associate with. I am impressed by your website and the features there, I intend to spend most of my time here, just getting to know you better.
  23. 31
    I entered your contest. I have two more poems to go. I think that enabling us to focus on the outside of the storm as well as the inside is a wonderful thing.
    Ann WJ White
  24. 32
    First time ever entering a competition, my poems mostly signify humanity, depression, love, fear, and thought. I look forward to the outcome!!
    Jeffrey Culp
  25. 33
    i like to express my thought by this wide platform
  26. 4
    Passion makes a poet and I found that passion in Realistic Poetry Group ! Bravo !
    Sumana Bhattacharjee
  27. 10
    What an excellent idea for supporting struggling writers!
    Valeri Kathleen Paxton-Steele
  28. 9
    Realistic poetry I like the idea Poetry can spread love and evaporate fear It can cause a big smile or conjure a tear But if you write it you'll find it helps year after year
    Bert Kermit
  29. 5
    Very happy that i got such vast platform to express my thoughts and so much lovable community around.
    Shivaji Pandhare
  30. 6
    I admire the approach to revolutionize poetry and the friendly atmosphere that embrace Authors.
    Ralston G. Bishop
  31. 34
    I have been writing poetry and stories all my life of 52 years.Do not want to die some-day knowing my words have fallen to the trash.And be helpful to make some money.
    James David Grimes
  32. 8
    Back in the late 90s select publications of essex did a similar thing before online stuff took over. i got my 1st royalty cheque off them in 97. this is a good idea...
    Nick Armbrister
  33. 7
    I love what you are doing in this site. We need this support
    Ndwaru Senior
  34. 35
    This is a great opportunity for every poet in the world.
    Gideon Cecil
  35. 36
    I am quite hopeful of your page, and support.
    Nikhat Bano
  36. 2
  37. 0
    I feel realistic support is a wonderful platform for enriching the global community with words of wisdom and support to the people
    Uzochukwu Chinedu
  38. 37
    I hope this crusade will continue for the next generations to come. More power to you!
    Oscar Maria Buenaventura