What is a Poetry Hero?
Poets Are Heroes Magazine is a creative, informative, useful, inspiring Realistic Poetry International Online Publication to help support, entertain, inform, and discuss news, events, people, and all other topics under the wide umbrella of poetry!

The title itself, created by the founders, is inspired by the poet’s powerful ability to impact and change lives from all around the world!
Each and every day, poets use their words as tools to help encourage freedom of expression, art, research, imagination, and beyond.

Through many poet’s poems, some of the world most relevant, yet overlooked issues pertaining to humanity and life are brought to light, ultimately empowering the voice of the people in ways to change the world.  

In respect of this, Realistic Poetry aims to promote growth within the poetry community by providing a comfortable and productive setting for poets to read, write, share, enjoy, discuss, and also connect with other active poetry enthusiasts and poets all in the name of Poetry!

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“If you're  a poet, you can participate at no cost! Just submit your work or the material you’d like to showcase by completing the form below.”
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What You Can Submit For Free: 
In an effort to support the Poetry Community, Realistic Poetry will be accepting free submissions for the new ‘Poets Are Heroes’ Magazine.

Professional and amateurs are invited to come together as one and celebrate the power of poetry!
  1. 1
    Poet Testimonials
    Submit a testimony that you believe can make a positive impact on the poetry community!
  2. 2
    Poetic Articles
    Submit an article relating to poetry that you’d like to share with the poetry community!
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    Submit a poem that you would like us to feature in the Poets Are Heroes Magazine! All poems are accepted.
  4. 3
    Poetry History
    Share a piece of poetry’s history that you feel is important for the poetry community to know!
  5. 4
    Current Events
    Submit or share poetry current events, news, and/or entertainment! We want to know what’s going on right now in your poetry community!
  6. 5
    Motivation & Inspiration
    Help us motivate and inspire the poetry community today by sharing positive, meaningful, and thoughtful sayings and ideas that can propel poets.
  7. 6
    Poetry Questions and answers
    Do you have a question, or an answer to a question that is relevant to the poetry community? We will ask it live on social media and then post the results in the magazine!
  8. 7
    Poetry Statements
    Make a bold statement about the poetry community!
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Poets Are Heroes Magazine

Realistic Poetry International is proud to announce the next  edition of the Poets Are Heroes Magazine!

February 15, 2017, readers will be able to enjoy one of the world’s most influential poetry magazines for poets and readers!

Most editions will include a variety of compelling, hot topics relating to the art of poetry; real poets with real talent that have impactful and meaningful messages to share; an inspirational and motivational section, Special Poet Highlights; Poetry Muse & Entertainment; a helpful Question & Answer Segment; News, Current Events & Information, valuable  one-of-a-kind resources, plus exclusive coupons and discounts!

This Online Magazine Publication was specially created for any heart that has a love for poetry!

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Poetry has the ability to change the world. Are you a poetry hero?

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Hello, everyone! We are pleased to announce that the 1st Edition of the Poets Are Heroes Magazine is complete and we are no longer accepting submissions.

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